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School of Global and Community Studies Syllabus


General Education Courses

Code Course Title Languages used
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Specialized Education Courses ( Major courses )

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J = Japanese, E = English, O = Other

Code Course Title Languages used
Basic K0005 Introduction to Global and Community Studies J/E
Foreign Language < English > TOEFL Preparation E
English Reading III J/E
English Reading IV J/E
English Writing III E
English Writing IV E
English Composition I E
English Composition II E
Academic Reading I E
Academic Reading II E
Academic English Writing I E
Academic English Writing II E
< German > K0096 Readings in German Language and Cultures J
K0127 Seminar in Comparative Culture J
< French > K0097 Contemporary France J
K0128 Readings in French Language and Cultures J
K0149 Readings in French Literature J
< Chinese > K0066 Chinese Composition J
K0067 Chinese Listening J
K0068 Chinese Conversation O
K0129 Applied Chinese I O
K0150 Applied Chinese II O
Research Literacy K0001 Introduction to Research (J) J
K0002 Introduction to Research (E) E
K0018 Introductory Statistics J
K0019 Fundamental of Information Technology J
K0040 Data Science Ⅰ J
K0069 Data Science Ⅱ J
K0070 Social Research Design and Data Collection Methods J
K0071 Spatial Data Analysis J
K0098 Analysis of Quantitative Data J
K0099 Qualitative Research (J) J
K0072 Qualitative Research (E) E
Japan Studies K0041 Introduction to Japanese Language


K0042 Teaching Japanese as a Second Language for Communication J/E
K0043 Outline of Japanese History J
K0073 Japanese Modern Literature J
K0130 School Education in Japan J/E
Integrated Sciences < The field of Life Environment > K0074 Environmental Education J
K0075 Regional Planning J
K0100 Regional Environment J
K0101 Human Environment for Children J
< The field of Technology > K0076 Radiation Safety Engineering J
K0102 Biological Effect of Ionizing Radiation J
K0166 Nuclear Energy and Disaster-laws and Regulations with International Relations J
K0077 Basic Knowledge of Intellectual Property Rights J
K0103 Introduction to Innovative Business, Entrepreneurs J
K0167 Front Runner J
K0131 Basic Manufacturing Engineering for Creative Technologists J
K0078 Theory of Architectural Planning I J
K0104 Theory of Architectural Planning Ⅱ J
K0151 History of Architecture J
K0152 Introduction to Natural Resources and Energy J
< The field of Medicine > K0105 Introduction to Medicine I J
K0132 Introduction to Medicine II J
K0133 Advanced Course at Medicine I J
K0153 Advanced Course at Medicine II J
K0154 Advanced Course at Medicine III J
Project-Based Learning ( PBL ) K0020 Project-Based Learning Introduction-A J
K0021 Project-Based Learning Introduction-B E
K0169 Project-Based Learning Introduction-B J/E
K0044 Project-Based Learning I J
K0079 Project-Based Learning II J
K0106 Project-Based Learning IIIA J
K0134 Project-Based Learning IIIB J
K0155 Project-Based Learning IIIC J
Society Today ( Introductory ) K0022 Introduction to Law J
K0023 Introduction to Politics J
K0024 Microeconomics J
K0045 Macroeconomics J
K0046 Business Administration J
K0047 Introduction to Sociology J
K0048 Introduction to Lifelong Learning J
Society Today ( Development ) < Law and Political subjects > K0049 Civil Law ( General Provisions ) J
K0107 Civil Law ( Property ) J
K0108 Civil Law ( Family ) J
K0050 Administrative Law I ( General Remarks ) J
K0109 Administrative Law II ( Remedies ) J
K0080 Local Self-Government Law J
K0110 Social Security Law J
K0135 Labor Law J
< Economics and Management subjects > K0081 Geography of Economic Activities J
K0082 Theory of Economic Policy J
K0083 Accounting J
K0111 Entrepreneurial Strategy J
K0112 Tourism Studies J
K0156 Marketing Theory J
< Sociology subjects > K0084 Cultural Resources J
K0085 Theory of Urban Communities J
K0086 The Essentials of Gender Studies J
K0113 Human Relations in the Workplace and Community J
K0136 Studies in Rural Society J
K0157 Media Studies J
K0158 Plan for Social Education J
Society Today ( Community ) K0114 Lecture on Local Economy J
K0115 Urban and Rural Geography J
K0116 Theory of Community Organization J
K0117 Education and Lifelong Learning for Gender Equality J
K0118 Regional Welfare J
K0137 Regional Information Systems J
K0138 Regional Cultural Management J
K0139 History of Fukui Prefecture Area J
Society Today ( Global ) K0051 International Politics J
K0052 International Relations E
K0087 International Policies E
K0053 Contemporary Germany J
K0140 International Communication E
Multicultural Understanding < Language, Linguistics & Literacy ( LLL ) > K0088 Study Abroad Seminar E
K0025 Public Speaking E
K0054 English as a World Language E
K0055 Introduction to Linguistics J/E
K0089 Language and Culture in English-speaking World J
K0090 The Japanese Language through Time E
K0119 Introduction to American English E
K0120 Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology for EFL Learners E
K0121 Second Language Acquisition E
K0141 Contrastive Study between Japanese and English J
K0159 Psycholinguistics E
< Human and Social Sciences > K0026 Intercultural Communication E
K0091 Psychology E
K0142 Human Development E
K0160 Game-Based Learning E
K0056 Social Justice Issues in Education E
K0143 Sociology of Education J
K0144 Comparative Education J
< Humanities ( HUM ) > K0057 Intro. to Japanese Traditions and Culture E
K0092 British Culture and Representation J
K0027 Ethnomusicology E
K0145 Humanistic Traditions in the West E
< Literature ( LIT ) > K0093 American Short Stories E
K0122 Topics in American Literature E
K0123 Social Issues in Asian American Literature E
K0146 British Literature J
K0161 Irish Literature E
K0162 Comparative Literature E
K0168 Women in Literature E
< Multi Linguistics / Multi Cultures > K0058 Comparative Culture J
K0094 German Literature J
K0147 French Literature J
K0059 European Culture and Representation J
K0095 International Cultural Exchange J
K0124 Chinese Literature J
K0125 Introduction to Chinese Linguistics J
K0126 Chinese Reading J
K0148 Special Lecture on Chinese Culture J
K0163 Seminar on Chinese Culture J