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Health and Medical Services

Health Administration Center

Both the Bunkyo and Matsuoka Campuses have a Health Administration Center. The center on the Bunkyo Campus is located next to the Academy Hall behind the Administration Office Building, which is to the left of the front entrance. The center on the Matsuoka Campus is located on the first floor of the Administration Building.
Doctors, nurses, and counselors are available at these centers to give students health advice. Please come to the center when you feel sick, get injured, or wish to receive a medical check-up. The treatment at these centers is provided at no charge.

Medical Check-ups

Bi-annual medical check-ups are held at the University of Fukui. The medical check-up in April is for all students in degree programs and the medical check-up in November is for international students only.
These check-ups are free. Please take advantage of this free service. Notifications about the check-ups will be posted on the bulletin board of the Student Service Center.

National Health Insurance

The Japanese government provides National Health Insurance to reduce patients’ medical expenses. It is mandatory to have health insurance in Japan.
You can apply for National Health Insurance at the Division of National Health Insurance at the municipal office of your residence. You are required to pay a monthly insurance premium, but the premium may be reduced if your income is recognized as less than a certain amount.
After you enter National Health Insurance system, a National Health Insurance Certificate (Hokensho) will be issued. Students must bring the certificate to hospital visits. Please show your insurance certificate at the payment counter. Your total cost of treatment will be reduced by 70 percent. When you finish the term of your study and go back to your country, please return your insurance certificate to the municipal office where your certificate was issued.
The Fukui Prefectural Government provides life information for foreign residents in Fukui in 4 languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, and Portuguese) on its website. Please check the website for more information on topics such as the medical service system in Japan and hospitals where you can speak with doctors in English.