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Strategy for International Exchange

The University of Fukui Strategy for International Exchange


The University of Fukui contributes to global society by 1) fostering global talent through active international exchange and education and research in accordance with global standards, and 2) widely presenting the eminent achievements of leading-edge research, that takes account of our unique and regional features, in the field of Education and Regional Studies, Engineering, Medical Sciences, and medical practices to the world.


1. Education
To implement education at global standards aiming to nurture global talent who can contribute significantly to the global society of the 21st century as highly skilled professionals.

2. Research
To develop research base taking advantage of traditional and regional features in the field of Education and Regional Studies, Medical Sciences, and Engineering, and widely present the outstanding achievement of distinctive research at a global level.

3. Contribution to Society
To contribute to the internationalization of local communities and development of affluent international society, through high-quality education, research, and medical care.