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Returning Procedures

There are many things to take care of before leaving Japan. You will be very busy right before your leaving, so please make sure to begin preparing well in advance. Here are check points to complete before your departure as follows:

1.  Housing

Those who live in one of the UF dormitories have to inform the Student Affairs Division of your moving-out day as soon as it is decided. Those who live in a private apartment have to notify your landlord or real estate agent of your moving-out day very early, by no later than 1 month or more before that day. Read your contract carefully to find out when you must contact your landlord or real estate agent to cancel your contract. Of course, you must complete your payment including rent fee and other expenses for repair before leaving. Furthermore, students joining ‘Comprehensive Renter’s Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan’ can receive a repaid premium in case of its early cancellation. If you would like to apply for that repayment, contact the UF International Affairs Division (UFIAD) 3 weeks before you leave.

2.  Gas, Electricity, Water and Internet

Once moving-out day is decided, you should contact each service center for gas, electricity, water and internet to inform when you move out. Some of them ask for your presence to finish contracts, so you should contact them earlier to make reservation on the days you like. Residents in the UF dormitories can contact the office on the first floor and complete cancellation procedures for utility. You must make all payments before you leave.

3.  Garbage

You will dispose of a lot of garbage when moving out. To dispose of home appliances and large sized furniture, it may take a few days and you also may be charged. Make sure to find out how to dispose of all garbage in advance, and make your plan for garbage disposal as early as you can. Residents in the UF dormitories should contact the office of the Overseas Student House or the Student Affairs Division. The following URL is helpful for you:

Be sure not to act an illegal disposal (disposing garbage at improper place), that is one of the crimes in Japan!! Of course, disposing your garbage on the premises of the UF dormitories is one of the illegal disposals and it will be reported to the police.

4.  Procedures at the City Hall

1 to 2 weeks before you leave, you should visit the City Hall to make procedures about your resident registration, National Health Insurance and National Pension System. Bring your National Health Insurance card, National Pension book (colored blue) and INKAN (name stamp). If you do not complete these procedures before you leave, troubles may be happened in case you will live in Japan again.

5.  Cellular Phone

You have to visit a cell-phone shop to cancel your contract. At the same time, you have to pay all bills there. You may be charged penalty fee about 10,000 JPY for early cancelation if you cancel less than 2 years.

6.  Bank account

You should close your bank account prior to your leaving. Before closing your bank account, make sure to complete all payments if you pay cell-phone and public utility bills by automatic withdrawal. Also, if you are a JASSO Scholarship recipient, you should close your account after the scholarship for February / August will be paid at the middle of February / August.

7.  Documents to submit to the International Affairs Division

Before your departure, you must submit the following documents to the UFIAD:

All students (Both Regular and Non-Regular Students)
1) Departure Sheet

Only Non-Regular Students (including Exchange Students)
2) Check List for Leaving Preparation
3) Application Form for Issuance of Certificate
4) Questionnaire Survey at End of Study at UF
5) 2 documents for JASSO Scholarship
*ONLY applicable to JASSO scholarship recipients, instructions and formats are sent via email
A) Completion Report of Student Exchange Support Program (Original copy with your signature)
B) JASSO Questionnaire (Excel data)

8.  Good-byes

It is nice to visit your academic supervisor, tutor, and friends to say goodbye. You do not need to give them anything to show your appreciation. They will be pleased if you keep in touch with them after you are apart from them.

9.  Books lent at Library

Make sure to return books to the library (University library and other libraries) at least a few days before your departure if you borrowed them.

10.  Residence Card

Do not miss to return your Residence Card when you go through the immigration at the airport.