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Private Apartment Information (2019 April admission)

This page is about the apartment information for exchange students who will stay in a private apartment in Fukui. Please follow the steps instructed below and tell the UF International Affairs Division which apartment you wish to stay, so that your room will be secured prior to your arrival. However, your first choice may not be available if many students wish to stay in a particular apartment. UF International Affairs Division will try to arrange your apartment to meet everyone’s first choice as much as possible.


  1. Find apartments you wish to stay referring to the List of Apartment below.
  2. Write your first, second, and third choices in the Application Form for Private Apartment.
  3. Submit the Application Form for Private Apartment to the UF International Affairs Division via email by March 8 (Fri.), 2019.
  4. UF International Affairs Division will notify each applicant of which apartment to stay via email by mid-March.


Application Form for Private Apartment


Apartment Information

  • List of Apartment
    (Click on the link in “Apartment Name” and find the information sheet for each apartment.)



Q1: シェアハウスの家賃は全員での家賃ですか、それとも一人の家賃ですか。
Is the rent for share house total or per person?

A1: 地蔵屋不動産のシェアハウスは、一室での家賃です。入居者のみなさんで話し合って、一人あたりの支払う金額を決めてください。第一パワーのシェアハウス家賃は、一人30,000円です。この中に、水道・ガス・共益費が含まれますので、他の単身用居室を借りるよりも少し割安です。
The rent for apartments offered by Jizo-ya Fudosan is per room. Please discuss with your roommate(s) and decide how much each person would pay.
The rent for Daiichi Power is 30,000 JPY per person. Also, water, gas and common charges are included in the rent, so it is rather cheap compared to renting another apartment for single use.


Q2: シェアハウスのルームメートは自分で探しますか?
Do I have to find my own roommate if I choose to live in a share house?

A2: 同じ大学で一緒に留学するお友だちと話し合って決めてもらうのが一番よいと思います。もしそれができない場合は、福井大学国際課でルームメイトを探すこともできますので、希望する場合は知らせてください。
The best way to find your roommate is to talk with your friend who will also study in Fukui from October and decide which apartment to live together. But if it is impossible, for example if you are the only one who will live in an apartment from your university, then let the UF International Affairs Division know and we will arrange your roommate based on everyone’s preference.


Q3: インターネットがないアパートを選んだら、ネットサービスをレンタルできますか。
Is it possible to use the Internet service if the Internet is “not available” in the list?

A3: インターネットサービスが最初からついていないアパートに入居する場合、民間のインターネットプロバイダーに連絡し契約した上で、不動産業者の許可のもと接続のための工事をする必要があります。工事が不要なサービスもありますが、ご自身で探してもらうことになります。
If the Internet service is not equipped, you will have to contact a private Internet provider to make a contract by yourself, and ask for a construction with the permission from the real estate agency. There are other services that do not require constructions, but please find one by yourself.


Q4: 共益費とはどういう意味ですか?
What is common charge?

A4: 共益費は、通常、アパートの共有部分(廊下、ゴミ庫、シェアハウスの場合リビング等)の管理のために、家賃の他に毎月徴収されるものです。
Common charge is used for cleaning and managing the shared areas such as corridor, garbage station, and for share house living room, etc.). You will have to pay common charge every month along with monthly rent to the agent.


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