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Career Counseling

Employment in Japan

One of the main university principles is “to develop human resources capable of contributing to local, national and international communities.” Thus the International Center is expected to be the nucleus body to promote the globalization of local societies and its economy in addition to the university itself. On the other hand, the number of international students who want to get a job and gain practical experience is increasing year by year. Therefore we support their job hunting in Fukui or Japan under a local network including the Fukui Chamber of Commerce and Industry, JETRO Fukui, Fukui Prefectural Government, Fukui Labor Bureau, Immigration Office, etc.

For those international students seeking jobs in home countries, we can also support them in cooperation with our overseas alumni society branches.

List of Employment of International Students

Procedures to Support International Student Employment

Mid February

Explanatory Meeting for Employment in Japan

  • List of employment of former international students
  • Job hunting process and its consultation (Basic attitudes for job hunting, Registration in Recruitment Navigation System, how to write CVs and self-promotion papers, some notes regarding tentative employment letters)
  • Distribution of related materials
  • Speeches on job hunting experience by seniors
  • Job-seeking student registration


Mail the list of job-seeking students to more than one hundred local industries


“Seminar cum Meeting between International Students and Local Industries” (organized by Fukui Prefectural Government, Fukui Chamber of Commerce and Industry, JETRO Fukui, and Fukui Overseas Students Support Forum)


Various information is forwarded by e-mail on job offer,
company introduction meetings, etc.
Personal consultation by request

Tentative Employment Letter

Upon receiving a tentative employment letter from a company, you are requested to inform Prof.Y Torao, and consult him about an application for changing your visa status from a student visa to a working visa.