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Visa Application

After you receive an acceptance letter, you have to apply for a Student Visa to enter Japan. A Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) is required for this application. UF will apply for your CoE as your proxy in Japan and will send it to you once it is issued. We strongly recommend that you promptly complete the following procedures as it takes approximately 1 month after the application in Japan. Please refer to the overall process for visa application that is explained at the bottom of this page. Also, please contact a Japanese diplomatic mission (embassy / consulate) in your country in advance to confirm what documents you are required to submit. Try to prepare them before the CoE issuance.

Procedures for CoE Application

You are first required to submit an “Application for CoE” and other supporting documents, as below, to UF. In order to complete the forms, please refer to “Instructions for Filling in Application for Certificate of Eligibility.

Required Documents

  1. Application for CoE” (pp.1-3, MS Ecxel data)
    *Fill in the forms by referring to “Instructions for Filling in Application for Certificate of Eligibility
  2. Copy of Acceptance Letter issued by UF
  3. Copy of passport (page with your photo)
  4. Financial Supporter’s Certificate of Employment
  5. Financial Supporter’s Bank Statement
  6. 2 photos (4cm x 3cm) *Write your name on the back of each photo

How to Submit

– The Excel data (1) and scanned data (2) and (3) shall be submitted via email to
– Scanned data (4), (5) shall be first sent via email to, and original copies of (4), (5) and
(6) shall be mailed to the following address:

International Affairs Division, University of Fukui
3-9-1 Bunkyo, Fukui-shi, Fukui 910-8507 Japan
Tel: +81-776-27-8406 Fax: +81-776-27-9715

Process of Visa Application

  1. Fill in (1) “Application for CoE,” and submit it with the above mentioned documents, (2) – (6), to UF.
  2. UF applies for your CoE as your proxy in Japan.
  3. Contact a Japanese diplomatic mission to confirm required documents other than CoE and prepare them
    as soon as possible.
  4. UF sends your CoE to you once it is issued (approximately 1 month after application submission).
  5. Apply for a visa with your CoE and other required documents prepared according to procedure (3) at a
    Japanese diplomatic mission. Please note: The time required depends on your country for a visa to be issued.
  6. When your visa is issued, you are able to enter Japan.

Reference Websites (from the Website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)

– Visa information
– Where to apply for Visa (Search Page for Japanese diplomatic missions)