Prospectus for International Students


Necessary Expenses to Study at UF


Tuition at University of Fukui (UF), like most national universities, is 535,800 yen per year. For a 4-year undergraduate program, the total of entrance fee + tuitions from admission to graduation is approximately 2.4 million yen for both humanities and sciences, which is reasonable compared to private universities, with 4 million yen for humanities and 5.4 million yen for sciences. And, if compared to tuitions at public universities in the U.S. and Europe, tuition level is less than half.

[Reference] OECD Stats: Annual average (or most common) tuition fees charged by tertiary institutions to national and foreign students (2019/20)
(In equivalent USD converted using PPPs, for full-time students, by type of institutions and level of education)

First Year's Academic Fees at UF

入学料 + 授業料(年間) = 合計

*The same amount is applied for both undergraduate and graduate students.

*Research students pay an enrollment fee of 84,600 yen and a tuition of 178,200 yen per semester.

*Auditing students pay an enrollment fee of 28,200 yen and a tuition fee of 14,800 yen/credit; International students register 14-credit worth of courses per semester.

Tuition Waiver System

Privately-financed international students enrolled in the graduate schools of UF are eligible for tuition fee waiver, in whole or in part, after screening based on their application, if they meet any of the eligibility requirements.
Privately-financed international students enrolled in the undergraduate schools of UF may apply for the UF Co-op Scholarship and UF Student Study Support Scholarship (both 100,000 yen, paid once).
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There is a wide range of scholarships available such as those of the Japanese Government (MEXT), foreign governments, Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO), private foundations, and UF.
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Estimated Cost of Living for One Year

The cost of living in Fukui is relatively inexpensive, and living in university dormitories or private apartments near the campus is a good way to reduce living expenses. There are three university dormitories on the Bunkyo Campus and one on the Matsuoka Campus, and they are very reasonably priced and popular. On the Bunkyo Campus, it is not always possible for all applicants to move in a dormitory, but there are many private apartments for students around the Bunkyo Campus, with rent ranging from 30,000 to 40,000 yen per month.

Estimated Cost of Living for One Year
*In the case of living in UF Student Dormitory.
In case of private apartments, the housing cost is about 600,000 yen.