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Payment of tuition and fees should be made on or before due dates.

Tuition and Fees Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Credit Students Research Students
Entrance Examination fee ¥ 17,000 ¥ 30,000 ¥ 9,800 ¥ 9,800
Enrollment fee ¥ 282,000 ¥ 282,000 ¥ 28,200 ¥ 84,600
Tuition ¥ 535,800 ¥ 535,800 ¥ 14,800 per credit ¥ 29,700 per month

※Tuition and fees are subject to change.

Tuition must be paid in April and October. Tuition for a Regular Student will be withdrawn directly from the bank account designated by the student. If you are a Non-Regular Student, please pay tuition and fees at the Finance Department at the beginning of each semester, and submit the receipt to the International Affairs Division. Please refer to the following page for more information.

How to pay tuition and fees


Enrollment Fee and Tuition Exemption

In order to support undergraduate and graduate international students with high academic ability but demonstrated financial need, the University of Fukui provides financial aid by exempting half or the full amount of the enrollment fee and tuition, or by extending the payment period. This aid is available to Regular Students only.
The period of application for tuition exemption is in March for the spring semester and September for the fall semester. Please check the bulletin board of the Student Support Center for the notice about application. For more information, please refer to the following page.

Enrollment fee and tition exemption