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Message from the President

The world today is faced with many difficult problems. As a member of the world community, Japan is facing a mountain of serious problems ranging from worldwide issues, like global warming, energy problems, and food shortages, to domestic issues, like an aging population and low birthrate, a shrinking Japanese economy, an ever increasing budget to maintain our social security system, and a debt of over 1,000 trillion yen of the national and local governments. The only way to overcome these difficulties and to promise a rich future is to generate new intelligence and to develop human resources. The role of academia is of greatest importance in that it alone is capable of implementing these functions.

The University of Fukui will contribute to the world by creating new scientific values and producing outstanding researchers in the fields of education, medicine, and engineering. We will also perform our activities steadily in collaboration with the local community, such as enriching teacher education, fortifying the University Hospital as the final citadel of medical treatment, and collaborating with industries. In addition, the university will produce highly professional people who will be leaders of the next generation by providing an education that elicits the maximum abilities from each student. This is well evidenced by the fact that our graduates have achieved an excellent ranking rate of employment for five consecutive years―in fact, the top ranking among the multi-facultied national universities. We will provide the most advanced education that cultivates the abilities which will enable our graduates to be leaders of the next generation.

Recognizing that the university will have its social value acknowledged and its independence guaranteed by contributing to the public, the University of Fukui will achieve its mission as a national university corporation by providing an excellent education and completing stellar research so that these achievements will meet the expectations of the community at large.

MAYUMI, Mitsufumi
President of the University of Fukui