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Message from the President

The University of Fukui (UF) has three campuses (Bunkyo Campus in Fukui City and Matsuoka Campus in Eiheiji Town, both in the northern part of the prefecture, and Tsuruga Campus in the southern part) and four Schools: Education, Medical Sciences, Engineering, and Global and Community Studies. Five thousand students, including graduate students, are enrolled at our university, accounting for about one half of the prefecture’s roughly 11,000 university students. Forty percent of the teachers, thirty of the medical doctors, and thirty of the engineers and scientists in Fukui Prefecture are graduates of UF, which well evidences that UF plays a large part in the revitalization of Fukui Prefecture, by producing many of the advanced professionals who work there.

Each of our Schools has its own characteristics, as you can find in more detail in the following pages of this brochure.

• The Professional Graduate School of Education is well known throughout Japan for its development of an integrated teacher training system that features the exceptional synergy of a trinity of a Professional Graduate School, a School of Education, and Affiliate Schools. In recent years, this system has attracted worldwide attention, leading to a plan to accept 680 teachers from Egypt, which is now underway.

• The Biomedical Imaging Research Center of the School of Medical Sciences is proud of the significant role it plays in elucidation of disease conditions and diagnoses for cancers and neurological disorders through research on advanced diagnostic imaging and molecular imaging with PET/MR as well as PET/CT. It must be said that the University of Fukui Hospital is known as the first Japanese university hospital to introduce and operate an outstanding emergency system known as the North American ER (emergency room) system.

• The School of Engineering, as befits a university establishment located in the prefecture having the largest number of nuclear power plants in Japan, has an excellent atomic laboratory to actively conduct leading-edge research on nuclear engineering, including recent research on decommissioning. As the largest school of engineering on the western coast of Japan, it offers a wide selection of study opportunities to cultivate advanced professional engineers.

• The School of Global and Community Studies was established two years ago, with the aim of developing “glocal” human resources equipped with both global and local perspectives, which we believe are necessary to solve local issues and to revitalize regions. This School has been popular from the very start, raising expectations for future growth. If it interests you, I hope you will join it. UF is now working to establish a new Graduate School for Global and Community Studies.

Fukui is blessed with lush natural beauty and offers a moderately urban environment with many friendly, education-minded people. Noticeably, many women are making advances into the society. Food from land and sea is superb here. According to Toyo Keizai’s surveys, Fukui was ranked number one in terms of happiness consecutively between 2016 and 2018. I believe that Fukui is one of Japan’s best places to live, and UF is one of the best places to study, where students can learn at their own pace and enjoy extracurricular activities.

I would like to extend my cordial welcome to all of you who wish to enter our University. I hope this brochure will help you to make the right decision!

UEDA, Takanori
President of the University of Fukui