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International Alumni

Messages from UF alumni living all over the world

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The world is wating for you.

Malaysian BranchAkmal Hadi Bin Ma’Radzi (Mr.)

Stay safe. Let's fight against COVID-19!

  • Current affiliation Faculty of Chemical Engineering Technology, Universiti Malaysia Perlis
  • PositionSenior Lecturer
  • Study Period in UFBachelor in 2006, Masters in 2008, Doctoral in 2014
  • Study Course in UFEngineering

Malaysian Branch

2004年12月11日設立 / Established on December 11, 2004
■ President / Izmir Iswandi Bin Arifin (Mr.)
■ Vice President (North) / Akmal Hadi Bin Ma’Radzi (Mr.)
■ Vice President (Kuala Lumpur) / Ashir Bin Ariffin (Mr.)
■ Vice President (South) / Irwan Herman Bin Onn (Mr.)
■ Secretary / Nor Salmy Binti Ahmad Taib (Ms.)

Thai Branch

2004年12月15日設立 / Established on December 15, 2004

Indonesian BranchMuhammad Mufti (Mr.)

Today is your opportunity to build tomorrow you want - Ken Poirot

  • Current affiliation PT Bank Central Asia
  • PositionGraphic Designer
  • Study Period in UF2016-2017
  • Study Course in UFEducation

Indonesian BranchPutra Bahagia (Mr.)

After graduating, you will face tougher challenges. Prepare yourself for it. Expand your network, develop individual skills, and grab every opportunity.

  • Current affiliation Panda Art Studio
  • PositionFounder
  • Study Period in UF2016-2017
  • Study Course in UFEducation

Indonesian BranchAnnisa Nadhila Issadi (Ms.)

Have the best year(s) of your lives in Fukui! Gain a whole LOT of forever-unforgettable experiences you never had!

  • Current affiliation Enspire Studio
  • PositionLighting, render & compositing artist
  • Study Period in UF2013-2014
  • Study Course in UFEducation

Indonesian BranchMuliadi RAMLI (Mr.)

University of Fukui (UF) is a very friendly, calm and friendly campus, especially for foreign students from various countries to continue their studies in Japan. Actually, the academic atmosphere runs well at UF, which has been supporting entire academic community to perform many innovations and scientific work for global academic community. Finally, thank you very much to the Japanese Government, the President and all staff in UF for all the opportunities and knowledge. Hopefully, alumni ties and scientific cooperation among UF alumni from whole the world will be maintained in the future.

  • Current affiliation Universitas Syiah Kuala
  • Position(1) Lecturer in Chemistry and Head of Inorganic laboratory;
    (2) Senate members of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  • Study Period in UF2005-2008
  • Study Course in UFDoctoral course at Nuclear Power and Energy Safety Engineering

Indonesian BranchRinda Hedwig

Keep doing the good job.

  • Current affiliation Computer Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Bina Nusantara University
  • PositionAssociate Professor
  • Study Period in UF1999-2000
  • Study Course in UFPhysics Education

Indonesian BranchNasrullah Idris Arief (Mr.)

Make good use of the opportunity to pursue high-quality education at University of Fukui, with high caliber faculties, complete and good research facilities, a very complete and good library, as well as a very representative canteen and also a very beautiful campus. It is a very suitable place for studying. The city is beautiful and memorable, and enjoy the amazing, unique experience of living in four different seasons.

  • Current affiliation Universitas Syiah Kuala Banda Aceh
  • PositionAssociate Professor
  • Study Period in UF2002-2007:
    3 years for Doctoral Course (Monbukagakusho Scholarship)
    2 years for Postdoctoral Fellow (JSPS Fellowship)
  • Study Course in UFGraduate School of Engineering, Faculty of Engineering (for Doctoral Course)
    Department of Physics, Faculty of Education (For Postdoctoral Fellowship)

Indonesian BranchSenno Susanto (Mr.)

Use utmost endeavor to pursue your studies. Your efforts will be rewarded.

  • Current affiliation Optik Lichin Megastore
  • PositionDirector
  • Study Period in UF1979-1983
  • Study Course in UFUndergraduate - Electronics Engineering

Indonesian Branch

2005年1月26日設立 / Established on January 26, 2005
■ President / Senno Susanto (Mr.)
■ Vice President / Koo Hendrik Kurniawan (Mr.)
■ Secretary / Nasrullah Idris Arief (Mr.)

Korean Branch

2005年9月2日設立 / Established on September 2, 2005

Xian Branch

2005年9月9日設立 / Established on September 9, 2005

Shanghai BranchZhao Yawei (Mr.) 趙亜偉


  • Current affiliation 上海居翰実業有限公司
  • Position項目総監
  • Study Period in UF2006-2007
  • Study Course in UF教育地域科学部

Shanghai Branch

2005年12月18日設立 / Established on December 18, 2005
■ President / Yu Hui (Mr.) 于 輝
■ Vice President / Shi Xiuning (Ms.) 史 秀寧
■ Vice President / Tian Weili (Mr.) 田 偉利
■ Secretary / Zhao Yawei (Mr.) 趙 亜偉

Zhejiang Branch

2006年10月29日設立 / Established on October 29, 2006

Taiwan BranchShang Sheng-yi (Mr.) 商聖宜


  • Current affiliation 上海可續建築咨詢有限公司
  • Position執行董事
  • Study Period in UF2001-2004
  • Study Course in UF工学研究科

Taiwan BranchLiu Wei-Ho (Mr.) 劉維和


  • Current affiliation 大興電線電纜股份有限公司
  • Position總經理
  • Study Period in UF1974-1978
  • Study Course in UF電子工学科

Taiwan BranchChang Ping (Ms) 張萍


  • Current affiliation 工業技術研究院 產科國際所 產業分析師‧翻訳家
  • Study Period in UF2003-2004
  • Study Course in UF教育学研究科

Taiwan BranchFan Wang-Zhou (Mr.) 范綱州


  • Current affiliation LINTEC Advanced Technologies. TAIWAN
  • Study Period in UF2005-2006
  • Study Course in UF材料開発工学科

Taiwan Branch

2006年12月16日設立 / Established on December 16, 2006
■ President / Fan WangZhou (Mr.) 范 綱州
■ Vice President / Li Tzong-Hann (Mr.) 李 宗翰
■ Secretary / Chang Ping (Ms) 張 萍

Beijing Branch

2007年2月3日設立 / Established on February 3, 2007

Hamburg Branch

2007年8月4日設立 / Established on August 4, 2007

Japan BranchZhang Xiaogang (Mr.) 張小剛


  • Current affiliation (株)アイティーフューチャー
  • Position代表取締役社長
  • Study Period in UF2001-2007
  • Study Course in UF工学研究科システム設計工学

Japan Branch

2008年11月23日設立 / Established on November 23, 2008
■ President / Yang Zhongwei (Mr.) 楊 忠偉
■ Vice President (Kanto) / Zhang Xiaogang (Mr.) 張 小剛
■ Secretary / Marcio Inoue (Mr.) 井上 マルシオ
■ Vice Secretary / Yang Xi (Mr.) 楊 希

Bangladesh BranchMd Saifur Rahman (Mr.)

Feel free to contact me if you are interested to expand your network in Bangladesh or even to visit this country. My days in University of Fukui were the finest days in my life and I would cherish this memory till my death. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Current affiliation Daffodil International University
  • PositionProfessor
  • Study Period in UF1997-2003
  • Study Course in UFMaster of Engineering in Materials Science and Engineering, Doctor of Engineering in Materials Engineering

Bangladesh Branch

2009年12月17日設立 / Established on December 17, 2009
■ President / Mohammad Abu Yousuf (Mr.)
■ Vice President / Md Saifur Rahman (Mr.)
■ Vice President / Shahjahan, Md (Mr.)
■ Secreatary / Muhammad Aminul Haque Akhand (Mr.)

Myanmar Branch

2011年12月17日設立 / Established on December 17, 2011

Mexico BranchFrancisco Ángel Almazán Estévez (Mr.)

Fukui prefecture is a wonderful place for living, you can travel and study, so enjoy it. Good luck during your time in Japan.

  • Current affiliation Secretary of Education
  • Positioncoordinator
  • Study Period in UF2003-2004
  • Study Course in UFIn service-training program for foreign teachers, Graduate School of Education

Mexico BranchFany Edith Hernandez Vite (Ms.)

Hola a todos. La Universidad de Fukui representa un gran logro en mi vida y quiero decirles a todos los que coincidimos en ese tiempo que agradezco su ayuda, su conocimiento, su amistad y gentileza. Viví en un mundo tan diverso y gentil. A los estudiantes actuales les digo que su vida estará enriquecida con esta experiencia, ya que realmente se realiza una gran red que nace del corazón (Kokoronet). Gracias por todo.
Hello Everybody. University of Fukui represents a great achievement in my life and I want to say to all of us who met at that time that I appreciate your help, your knowledge, your friendship and your kindness. I lived in such a diverse and gentle world. I say to current students that their lives will be enriched with this experience, since a great network is really made that is born from the heart (Kokoronet). Thanks for everything.

  • Current affiliation Secretaría de Educación Pública. "Profr. Ramón G. Bonfil" Primary School
  • PositionTeacher
  • Study Period in UF2004-2005
  • Study Course in UFIn service-training program for foreign teachers, Graduate School of Education

Mexico BranchArturo Valencia Milian (Mr.)

Study a lot! Learn even more ! And always enjoy ! Fukui will always be a part of your story, Fukudai is teaching you not only academic subjects,but life lessons. Your friendships in Fukudai will widen your view of the world! 頑張れ!!!

  • Current affiliation Kibo Solutions
  • PositionEngineer
    Systems Manager
  • Study Period in UF2004-2007
  • Study Course in UFMasters Course (Information Systems), Graduate School of Engineering

Mexico BranchVictor Manuel Garcia Santiago (Mr.)

Fukui is the best place to live and learn Japanese, next to the sea, mountains and a lot of beautiful places. That experience that you will never forget.

  • Current affiliation La Jornada / FES Aragón, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
  • PositionNews Editor / Professor
  • Study Period in UF2000-2002
  • Study Course in UFTeacher Traning / Media Literacy

Mexico Branch

2016年4月1日設立 / Established on April 1, 2016
■ President / Victor Manuel Garcia Santiago (Mr.)
■ Vice President / Fany Edith Hernandez Vite (Ms.)
■ Secretary / Arturo Valencia Milian (Mr.)

Philippines BranchBerma Ritual Barreno (Ms.)

You are in University of Fukui for reasons! Explore it, discover it, feel it, experience it and enjoy it! All these will be your best adventures that will widen your perspective in life and will put a smile on your lips every time you indulge yourself in reminiscence. Have a blast!

  • Current affiliation Department of Education- Lopez National Comprehensive High School
  • PositionHead Teacher I
  • Study Period in UF2007-2009
  • Study Course in UFTeacher Training Course, Graduate School of Education

Philippines Branch

2016年8月27日設立 / Established on August 27, 2016
■ President / Ms. Berma Ritual Barreno
■ Vice President / Mr. Gilbert Ca-alam Galagate
■ Secretary / Ms. Reyciel Lucero Nuestro

Bhutan BranchSonam Wangmo (Ms.)

Fukui is a wonderful prefecture and I am glad that you choose to be a part of it. May you accomplish whatever you seek for. Wish you a happy and fulfilling stay in Fukui. Best of luck.

  • Current affiliation Gelephu Higher Secondary School. Gelephu, Bhutan
  • PositionTeacher
  • Study Period in UF2016-2018
  • Study Course in UFTeacher Training Course, Graduate School of Education

Bhutan BranchChedon (Ms.)

Hello Greetings from Bhutan. 2020 has been tough on everyone but it also taught us so many lessons which we would not have learned otherwise. I am hopeful that 2021 will be better for all of us! Moreover,  I can visualize Fukui at this time of the year. The cherry blossoms must be getting ready to beautify the beautiful Fukui. Stay safe and keep growing. 
Best Wishes Chedon

  • Current affiliation Bjimthangkha Primary school.Wangdue Phodrang, Bhutan
  • PositionTeacher
  • Study Period in UF2016-2018
  • Study Course in UFTeacher Training Course, Graduate School of Education

Bhutan BranchUgyen Dorji (Mr.)

College days are the most memorable days in the life of every individual. We associate it with learning and growing, challenges and failures, love and heartache, friendship and fun. We may not realise it when we are still there but once we leave, we would know that Fukui was the best place to make this memories. Fukui has its own charm which cannot be found anywhere else. Fukui was the best thing that happened to me and will always reserve a special place in heart!! Learn, grow and make memories!!!!!!

  • Current affiliation Gelephu Higher Secondary School. Gelephu, Bhutan
  • PositionTeacher
  • Study Period in UF2017-2019
  • Study Course in UFTeacher Training Course, Graduate School of Education

Bhutan Branch

2019年3月20日設立 / Established on March 20, 2019
■ President / Ugyen Dorji (Mr.)
■ Vice President / Choden (Ms.)
■ Secreatary / Sonam Wangmo (Ms.)

Tanzania BranchZawadi Athanas Macha (Ms.)

It is an honor to study in the University of Fukui, good Professors and beautiful surrounding that you have to embrace while being there. Keep studying smart to make Fukui more proud.

  • PositionPrincipal Engineer GIS (Geographical Information System)
  • Study Period in UF2017-2019
  • Study Course in UFMasters Course (Electrical & Electronics), Graduate School of Engineering

Tanzania Branch

2019年3月22日設立 / Established on March 22, 2019
■ President / Zawadi Athanas Macha (Ms.)
■ Vice President & Secretary / Abdalah Abdulrahman Kileo (Mr.)