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International Activities

Student Exchange Activities

Student Exchange

We have been actively engaging in student mobility between the University of Fukui and overseas universities and higher education institutions. We offer diverse opportunities to study abroad for our students and rewarding experiences for visiting students at our university on the basis of an academic exchange agreement or a specific agreement to carry out the exchange. Through staying at the cooperating institution for a certain period of time, taking lectures on the language, culture and specialized fields, taking part in field trips, hands-on activities and research, and participating in exchanges with the local students, even a short stay leads to an improved desire to learn on returning home and deeper understanding and wider perspective of the world, which enrich students’ competence as a human resource to contribute to a global society in the future.

By cooperating with exchange partner institutions, we support domestic and international students to gain such experiences abroad or at the University of Fukui by providing necessary and sufficient information, offering assistance on application procedures and preparation, and giving orientation sessions in order to have safe and fruitful experiences at their prospective destinations without any concerns or problems.

We also intend to further expand the number of institutions we cooperate with in the future, in order to create ties with superior educational institutions worldwide and to further enhance and expand student exchanges.

Consortium-style Academic Exchange Programs

The University of Fukui not only has individual academic exchange agreements with overseas educational institutions, but also participates in a consortium-style network of exchange programs made up of several institutions based on common goals and challenges, and is developing a diverse and distinctive student exchange program.


We are affiliated to University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific (UMAP) whose purpose is to promote exchanges between students and faculty at higher education institutions in the Asia and Pacific region. Students at UMAP-affiliated universities can take advantage of the dedicated online system UMAP Student Connection Online (USCO) to study at an affiliated university outside their home country for 1 term to 1 year with tuition fees wavered.

See here for the UMAP exchange program for UF students

Faculty and Staff Mobility

The University of Fukui collaborates with overseas educational and research institutions, mainly with academic exchange partner institutions, and constantly sends delegations each other, conduct educational and research exchange, joint research, and information exchange.

It is especially significant that faculty members and staff who play an important role of promoting mutual exchange meet and discuss directly through delegation visits. Discussion occurred in such occasions are likely to lead to a further expansion of the range of exchange opportunities in the future by acknowledging each other’s latest needs and visions for future collaboration.