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International Student Association


When the University of Fukui Alumni Society (UFAS) was established on November 30th 2003, its Secretariat was formed by international students studying at the campus. The University of Fukui International Student Association (UFISA) was established in April 2004 with the Secretariat members of UFAS as its key members.

The main purpose of UFISA is to promote mutual support among international students, and organize various exchange activities with Japanese students, local communities, as well as among international students themselves.

UFISA organizes campus activities such as International Friendship Lounge, Video Show, Welcome and Farewell Parties, International Friendship Camping, International Friendship Ski Tour, and various sports events.

As for the exchange programs with the local community, its members join various events organized by local exchange organizations. UFISA also organizes social activities such as raising funds for victims of natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis.

The Secretariat of UFISA is formed at the beginning of each semester in April and October. Various programs are implemented by its organizing committees.