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Global Engineering Program for International Students (GEPIS)

Graduate School of Engineering, University of Fukui
Global Engineering Program for International Students (GEPIS)


  • The Global Engineering Program for International Students (GEPIS) at the University of Fukui, starting in October and April, provides an opportunity for international students to study various fields of engineering.
  • English is used as a primary language for instruction in courses and for research supervision of this Master’s degree program.
  • There are 3 majors, Industrial Innovation Engineering, System and Infrastructure Engineering for Safe and Sustainable Society, and Fundamental Engineering for Knowledge-Based Society, with 14 fields of study as described below.
  • Applicants must be non-Japanese nationals residing outside Japan.
  • Applicants are encouraged to consult early with either a prospective supervising professor or the Admissions Division (Nyushi-ka) in order to receive proper guidance.


  • Admitted students are qualified to formally specialize in the following fields of study at the Graduate School of Engineering of the University of Fukui: Frontier Fiber Technology and Science, Materials Science and Engineering, Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology, Creative Manufacturing Engineering, Innovation and Management, Mechanical Design Engineering, Electrical System, Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Nuclear Safety Engineering, Human and Artificial Intelligent Systems, Information Science, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Electronic Material, and Electromagnetic Engineering. Those who satisfy all requirements of the Program will be awarded the Master’s degree in Engineering.
  • In order to complete the educational programs for the Master’s course, students are required to enroll for 2 years, acquire 30 credits or more and defend their thesis.
  • The subjects to be studied are determined in close consultation with students and POS (Program of Study) committee.
  • Proficiency in the Japanese language is necessary for daily life both on and off campus.
    For the purpose of learning the Japanese language, foreign students can enroll in Japanese language courses offered at the International Center after acceptance by the university. Credits for Japanese language courses will not be given, yet a certificate for completion of the course may be issued upon request.


Application Guidelines:
[GEPIS] October 2024 & April 2025 Application Guidelines

Application Forms:
[GEPIS] Application Form (Form A)
[GEPIS] Certificate of Health (Form B)
[GEPIS] Check List (Form C)
[GEPIS] Application Qualification Screening Record (Applicable person only)