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Research Students

Application Guideline for Research Student (2022)


Undergraduate Level Graduate Level

1. Applicant must have Bachelor’s degree and research ability.

2. Applicant needs to be approved by the University of Fukui that he/she has the equal academic and research ability of Bachelor’s level.

1. Applicant must have Master’s degree, or equal or higher academic and research ability of Master’s level.



Before applying, you must contact a prospective supervisor to consult your research theme.

Research Period

6 months or less than 1 year. Extension may be approved for 6 months or 1 year.

Application Fee (one time payment)


Admission Fee (one time payment)


Tuition (prepaid)


The Application fee, admission fee and tuition will not be refunded under any circumstances.


Application Documents

Documents to submit Applicant residing in Japan Applicant from abroad
1. Application Form*

(Once you decide your thesis statement, please write down your research title on the application form and obtain a personal seal of the supervisor.)

2. Resume* (Make sure to write your academic background from your elementary school.)

3. Field of Study and Study Programme*

4. 指導予定教員の指導計画書

*Obtain from your prospective supervisor

5. Certificate of Health*

6. Certificate of Graduation/Completion from the last academic institution you attended

(If you have not yet completed your undergraduate or graduate program, submit a Certificate of Expected Graduation/Completion.)

7. Transcript from the last academic institution you attended

8. Letter of Approval from the head of the organization you are employed if you are currently working

9. Certificate of Bachelor’s or Master’s degree

10. Applicant who wish to enroll in School of Education needs to submit a certificate of Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) or academic transcript of Japanese classes.

11. Official document to prove applicant’s nationality/citizenship


12.Certificate of Residence if you already reside in Japan


13. Envelope with 94JPY stamp with your postal code, home address, and name written


*To obtain the designated forms, please contact International Affairs Division (IAD).


Application Schedule



Submission Period
Applicant residing in Japan Applicant from abroad
1st semester (April admission) March 1 – March 10,

9AM – 5 PM on weekdays

October 1 – October 31 in the previous year
2nd semester (October admission) September 1 – September 10,

9 AM – 5 PM on weekdays

April 1 – April 30 in the same year

If you are interested in applying for Graduate School of Medical Sciences, please contact IAD for schedule and details.

If you want to extend the enrollment period, please contact Educational Division (Kyomu-ka) at Bunkyo Campus or Academic Affairs Division (Gakumu-ka) at Matsuoka Campus.


Submission and Contact Information

School and Graduate School Submission Place
Applicant residing in Japan Applicant from abroad
-School of Education
-School of Engineering
-School of Global and Community Studies
Educational Division (Kyomu-ka)

at Bunkyo Campus

TEL: 0776-27-8600

International Affairs Division (Kokusai-ka)
at Bunkyo Campus
-School of Medical Sciences Academic Affairs Division

(Gakumu-ka) for

Matsuoka Campus

TEL: 0776-61-8278

Applicants who resides in Japan must submit documents in person. Submitting by mail will not be accepted.