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Global Projects and Education

The University of Fukui contributes to the internationalization of the university and the region through distinctive initiatives.

Nurturing Global Talent

Go Global Japan Project

In FY 2012, the University of Fukui was selected for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s “Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development (Go Global Japan Project)” (Type B: Faculty/school-specific Type). The University of Fukui was the only national university corporation located in the Tokai-Hokuriku area to be selected. In this project, based on our educational mission and long-term goals, the school of engineering and the graduate school of engineering are taking initiatives to promote globalization of the university as a whole.

Summary Plan

Specific Image of the Ideal Global Human Resource

In this project, based on the image of ideal human resource the school of engineering and the graduate school of engineering aim to foster, “IMAGINEER (engineers who can imagine their dreams and realize them)”, we have established an image of global human resource to nurture through this project, “Global IMAGINEER”. Global IMAGINEERs are people who will create in their minds an image of people living in a region with a different history, culture and traditions engaging in a vivid life with hopes, and through the experience of manufacturing aimed at such an ideal, become engineers continually able to enhance themselves.


Measures to Realize the Plan

Through fostering “Global IMAGINEER”, not only will we positively meet the demand for nurturing global human resources spreading in the regions, but also, in order to build and execute a model for nurturing global human resources required in the region’s future which can be implemented by general small and medium-sized regional universities, we are rolling out the following 3 specific measures.


Overview of Initiatives