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UMAP Exchange Programs


University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific (UMAP) is a consortium established to promote exchanges between students and faculty at higher education institutions in the Asia and Pacific region. In particular, we are making efforts to establish a system to allow exchange of students with overseas institutions taking part in the consortium.

Participating institutions of UMAP carry out exchange programs using UMAP Student Connection Online (UMAP-USCO). Among participating institutions taking part in Program A, it makes opportunities for students to study abroad for 1 semester to 1 year with tuition fees wavered. From 2015, we have started student exchanges in UMAP-USCO Program A at the University of Fukui.

Students applying can choose a host institution from the participating institution’s list, and the host institution will be assigned by UMAP.


  • Students can choose 1 semester (half a year) or 2 semesters (1 year) as the period of the study abroad. Students start to study at the beginning of a semester of the host institution.
  • The number of students that can be sent from an institution is 2 per year.
  • The program is recommended for undergraduates, but graduate students may also take part.
  • Students pay tuition fee to the University of Fukui, and examination fees, enrollment fees and tuition fees at the host institution are to be wavered.
  • The students can select up to 5 preferences for their host institution from institutions participating in the UMAP-USCO Program A during.


  • As of 2015, around 65 institutions are participating in UMAP-USCO, and many of those are not our academic exchange partners based on an individual agreement.
  • Many of the participating institutions offer plenty of courses in English, so students can take courses in English even in non-English speaking regions.
  • As with the exchange program with academic exchange partner institutions, students are exempt from tuition fees.
  • Students can stay enrolled at the University of Fukui during the program.

Credit Transfer

At the University of Fukui, the procedure is carried out on returning home institution, but students should check thoroughly which courses taken at the host institution can be transferred to which courses at the University of Fukui at the planning phase of studying abroad. In order to aim for graduation by the expected time, students are also expected to start obtaining information about the host institution at an early stage and creating a course plan at the University of Fukui in anticipation of taking part in the exchange program while in university.

Host Institution

Institutions that participate in the UMAP-USCO Program A will be announced on the UMAP website or facebook. Since participating institutions may be added or altered depending on the year, students should make sure to check the recruiting information during the application period. In addition, depending on the host institution, many of them impose requirements. It is recommended that students check those requirements at the early stage to prepare and plan to satisfy them at the application period. Details of the host institution’s exchange program and the courses offered should be confirmed on the institution’s web site.

Selection Method and Procedures for UF Students

The University of Fukui carries out the selection and recommends candidates. In light of each student’s desired host institution and mainly based on the student’s GPA score and language ability, the overall recommended students are decided by document screening and interview. After that, we apply to UMAP-USCO, and the institution applied to decides whether or not the student is accepted on the exchange program. If chosen as an exchange program student, it is not allowed to cancel in principle.