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FY 2015 Spring Graduate Commencement Held

The University of Fukui FY 2015 Spring Graduate Commencement was held on March 23th, 2016, at the Phoenix Plaza in Fukui City. This year, 1,223 students in total (877 undergraduates and 346 graduates) graduated from our university.

President Mitsufumi Mayumi conferred diplomas on representatives of each faculty and graduate school at the ceremony. 12 undergraduate students and 5 graduate students who have achieved outstanding grades were commended as excellent students, and 2 undergraduate students with excellent achievements in extra-curricular activities were awarded for the promotion of these activities.

The President encouraged the students in his commencement address:
“I am sure that all your experiences and outcomes of contributing to local communities and society through education and research at the University of Fukui will serve to establish “inner norms” in yourself, and it will certainly lighten and support your way in the future. I truly wish that you judge well to practice true justice while continue to learn and live your whole life with deep faith in freedom, peace and fairness.”

Ms. Ayako Fujita of the Faculty of Education and Regional Studies announced an acknowledgement of appreciation in her valedictory address on behalf of all the graduates:
“We will always remember the help and support many people offered to us and we hope to make full use of our precious experiences and knowledge we obtained here at the University of Fukui. We promise to make a contribution to the society in our own ways in the future.”

The ceremony concluded with the university song and an image song sung by current students and made this happy occasion memorable for all the graduates.

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