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Opening Ceremony of “Japanese Culture Experience Program” for UCLAN students (U.K.) was held

On June 12, Opening Ceremony of “Japanese Culture Experience Program 2018” for 8 students from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN), one of the UF partner universities from September 2017, was held at Bunkyo Campus. Students will participate in 7-day program until June 18. Throughout this program, they will attend lectures on Japanese language and culture. Also, they will experience Washi (Japanese traditional paper) making, Zazen (Zen style meditation) at Eiheiji temple, and so on. UF Students will accompany with participants as buddies to support them.

Prof. Hideo Teraoka, the Director of UF International Center, made an opening remark with full of welcoming words. Attendees enjoyed his speech about Japanese rainy season and Japanese own food culture.

Also, Prof. Takako Amano, Director of East Asia Exchange, School of Languages and Global Studies of UCLAN expressed her gratitude to the effort to establish this program and continuous cooperation. She also extended her hope that international collaboration between provincial university like the UCLAN and the UF will contribute to each country’s activation of regional society.

UF has already accepted 2-exchange students from UCLAN. UF will star sending students in 2018-2019 academic year.


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