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The debriefing session of the clinical training at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (RWJMS), Rutgers University, USA was held on May 30.

Yuko Kuroda and Yoshiki Sugiyama, sixth-year students of the School of Medicine, had been in clinical training for a month from April 1, 2019 at RWJMS, Rutgers University, New Jersey. The debriefing session was held on May 30 at Matsuoka Campus.

The Rutgers University is the eighth oldest prestigious university in the United States, and it is the first foreign university that the University of Fukui signed the agreement with in 1981. Having developed the agreement between Rutgers University and University of Fukui, we concluded an academic exchange agreement between the RWJMS, Rutgers University and the School of Medical Sciences, University of Fukui. In February 2019, from this academic year, we are planning to conduct exchange activities such as researcher exchange, student / faculty member mutual dispatch, joint research, etc. Ms. Kuroda and Mr. Sugiyama are the first dispatched students from the School of Medical Sciences.
The debriefing was facilitated by Vice Dean, School of Medical Sciences, Prof. Hiroshi Abe (in charge of educational reform), who is the coordinator of the agreement and attended by approximately 30 people from the School of Medical Sciences staff and students.
Ms. Kuroda and Mr. Sugiyama reported on their preparation and difficulties from when they were preparing for the selection such as writing English resume and Skype interview, etc., their comments for on-site training, and messages for students participating in the next year, etc. The participants asked questions about the time and duration and the cost of the program.
The two had a particularly good experience, saying that the training at the student-managed “HIP HOP Promise Clinic” was “a good training to learn medical English”. In this clinic, 1st to 4th grade medical students (equivalent to 4th to 6th grade medical students in Japan) form a team, and each grade year shares the role of inquiry, examination, diagnosis and medical treatment policy, and actively participates in the clinical field from an early stage.
Also, in the “Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)” before clinical training, they realized the difference in the presentation skill of students. They concluded that they got stimulated by the difference between Japan and the United States, and the practice aiming to become an immediate force through practical training in home medicine, anesthesiology training, and a tour of cardiovascular surgery.
Lastly, the President of the University of Fukui, Prof. Takanori Ueda said, “I was expecting you two that to be active with awareness and pride as a student of the University of Fukui, and I am pleased to hear that you set a great example.”

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