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Dixie State University visits the University of Fukui

On July 16th, Dr. Nancy E Hauck (Assistant Provost of Community and Global Engagement) and Dr. Scott Miles (ESL Director) from Dixie State University in Utah, USA visited the University of Fukui, and our president, Dr. Takanori Ueda received a courtesy call from them. Dixie State University and UF had signed the Collaboration Agreement in 2018, and their purpose of this visit was to discuss Academic Exchange Agreement and Exchange Program. Dr. Ueda welcomed and told them “Thank you very much for your second visit to the UF. You must have liked Fukui.” Dr. Hauck also responded “Dixie State University and the University of Fukui share similarities in terms of the size of the school and its environment with beautiful nature. I hope both of our students can have valuable experiences through our Exchange Program”, and showed her expectation to our future collaborations.
After the courtesy call, they had a meeting with Prof. Koji Kobata and Prof. Albert Lehner from the School of Global and Community Studies to introduce its ESL program and discuss Exchange Programs in the future. They also took a tour of our newest dormitory, Makishima House.
Our relationship has gotten deepen and strengthen by their visit and we hope a bright future with Dixie State University.

│ July 22nd, 2019 │