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Sept 2019 term Commencement Ceremony held

On Sept 30th, Commencement Ceremony was held for Sept 2019 term at Academy Hall in Bunkyo Campus of the University of Fukui. Totally 19 students, 5 undergraduates and 14 post-graduates, have been awarded diplomas.
President, Dr. Takanori Ueda, made a speech, to celebrate their departure, saying, “For undergraduate students, if you have a sense of accomplishment that you could secure significant amount of time for studying as well as circle activities, with that fact only, it would be large enough achievement. As for post-graduate students, today you all must have reached to a very good day. Based on the theme of your own decision, you have designed some creative tasks, gained ability to execute them, and been recognized by the university. Now in the world, relations between countries are not always good. It is important for human beings to execute heart-to-heart exchanges across the borders. I expect every graduate to be aware of it, and to become a capable individual to contribute to global society for solving various issues. For those who are stepping forward to new frontiers, with high spirit, good luck on you all! ”

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