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University of Montevallo and City of Montevallo visit the University of Fukui

On October 24th, members from the City of Montevallo and University of Montevallo in Alabama, USA visited the University of Fukui. University of Montevallo is Alabama State Liberal Arts University with around 3000 students. The purpose of this visit was to explore the possibility of future exchange relationship with University of Fukui. Exchange relationship between City of Montevallo and Echizen-Town was started by Mr. Ted Metz, the former professor of University of Montevallo after Echizen Pottery Exhibition had been held in Alabama in 1995, then they signed the Sister City Agreement in 2008. Students of University of Montevallo visit Echizen-Town every year and deepen their exchange relationship through Echizen pottery experience. Mr. Mohd Syairir Bin Abd Malek is a graduate from the School of Engineering of the University of Fukui, and he started working at International Office of Echizen Town after his graduation. He coordinated their visit this time.

The President, Dr. John W. Stewart explained how they started technical and cultural exchange with Echizen-Town, and expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome of the University of Fukui.

The Mayor. Dr. Hollie C. Cost also introduced herself, “I am a mayor and professor of University of Montevallo as well. I am trying to assist our exchange program from both positions.” Trustee, Dr. Yasuda also asked Dr. Stewart what kind of effort they had made to increase first-year student application by 44% and 17% increase in the number of students living on-campus, and exchanged opinions for the future exchange possibility.

The University of Fukui will continue discussion with the University of Montevallo to start academic exchange in future, as well as to broaden range of exchange programs with City of Montevallo and Echizen-Town.

│ November 5th, 2019 │