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Academic Exchange Agreement concluded with CRU (Thailand)

The University of Fukui (UF) has recently concluded “Agreement on Academic Exchange” between Chandrakasem Rajabhat University (CRU) and UF.

This is an expanded agreement to “between Universities” from the previous “between Faculties”
(Between “Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences” of CRU and “Headquarters for Innovative Society-Academia Cooperation” of UF).
Mutual academic exchange, including student exchange, will be further enhanced between the two universities.

With this included, at the timing of the conclusion, Feb 3rd, 2020, UF has 160 partner institutions in 38 countries and regions.


Chandrakasem Rajabhat University (CRU) website: (in Thai language only)

Partner institutions list of the University of Fukui.

│ February 3rd, 2020 │