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Online Board Meeting of the Alumni Society China Branches was held

Online Board Meeting of the Alumni Society China Branches was held

On July 18, 2020, the University of Fukui (UF) and Chinese alumni members of the University of Fukui Alumni Society (UFAS) had the board meeting by connecting UF Bunkyo campus and 6 UFAS branches (Xi’an , Shanghai , Zhejiang, Beijing, South China and Japan) using the remote conference system Zoom. This board meeting was held in order to deepen the cooperation of each branch. The introduction of each branch, future activities, and exchange policies were discussed.

An opening speech was given by the President UEDA Takanori. He expressed his gratitude for the donations of masks and other items from the branches in China twice in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, saying, “We are grateful for the donation of the masks for general use and medical use to UF, Fukui Prefecture, and Fukui City. Nearly half of international students in our university are from China, and our relationship with China is strong, and we are very happy that it is a token of friendship between China and Japan.”

Followed by that, Prof. AKASHI Yukio, the Vice President for International Affairs, also expressed his gratitude for the donation, and reported on the latest situation of UF. Then, on behalf of international students, Ms. Hu Junyao from Shanghai who is sophomore in the School of Global and Community Studies, reported on her fulfilling life at UF, saying, “Various courses are offered here, allowing students to make a variety of choices. There are also opportunities for going abroad as exchange students to deepen cross-cultural exchange and understanding.”

At the meeting, both the alumni members and UF members had lively exchange opinions such as the possibility of holding annual world UFAS meetings and the need to promote not only UF but also the charm of Fukui Prefecture to the world.

In addition, the representative of the Chinese alumni members, Mr. Zhang Yihua proposed the establishment of the new alumni society for Chinese members to better connect the five local branches in China and the Japan branch, and promote exchange and cooperation between each branch.

From here on, UF and UFAS Chinese members will work more closely to promote friendship between China and Japan.


President UEDA Takanori


Student representative, Ms. Hu Junyao


Online meeting at Bunkyo Campus

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