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Consul General of France in Kyoto Visited University of Fukui

On February 8, Mr. Jules Irrmann, Consul General of France in Kyoto, made a courtesy call on the President UEDA Takanori. The University of Fukui has connections with France through student and faculty exchanges under the academic exchange agreements with Textile and Chemical Institute Lyon, Le Mans Université, and European Nuclear Education Network Association (ENEN). In Fukui Prefecture, Association Franco-Japonaise de Fukui is actively organizing cultural exchange activities.


During the courtesy call, Mr. Irrmann introduced the initiatives of Campus France, the organization to support students to study or research in France. Then President UEDA, Prof. AKASHI Yukio, Vice President for International Affairs, and Prof. HOSOYA Ryuhei of the School of Global and Community Studies, exchanged ideas with Mr. Irrmann about how to proceed student mobility in the time of pandemic. Prof. HOSOYA also explained that students of the Professional Graduate School of Global and Community Management are planning to do internship at UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in 2021AY.

Following the courtesy call, Mr. Irrmann had a meeting with Prof. MATSUDA Kazuyuki and Assoc. Prof. IMAI Yuko to discuss French education at the university. The Participants shared the importance of learning multiple languages to broaden our perspective and that studying French is one of the options. Mr. Irrmann offered support for cultural activities at the university.

University of Fukui will utilize online communication and other various tools to continue promoting academic exchanges with institutions overseas including France even in this challenging time.


│ March 1st, 2021 │