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531 participants in the Research Exchange Webinar with Adamson University, Philippines!

Dr. Akashi (left) participating in the webinar at Project Learning Space

On March 17, the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering of the School of Engineering, University of Fukui (UF) jointly hosted a research exchange webinar with the College of Architecture, Adamson University (AU) in the Republic of the Philippines. UF members participated in the joint webinar at the Project Learning Space in the UF Student Central as the hub venue. It was a great success and was viewed by 531 students and faculty/staff members in total from both countries.

This joint webinar was made possible by an invitation for academic exchange from Dr. Fredinel Banaag to Professor TORAO Yoshinobu of UF International Center. Dr. Banaag is a UF alumnus who was involved in the establishment of the UF Alumni Society Philippine branch and is currently working at Adamson University as a “Returning” Scientist.

The joint webinar opened with greetings from Architect Sylvester Shaun D. Seño, Dean of the College of Architecture, AU. After that, moderator WATANABE Shimon of the UF International Affairs Division introduced Professor AKASHI Yukio, Vice President for International Affairs. Prof. Akashi gave opening remarks saying, “Starting with today’s joint webinar, we will continue to develop academic exchange with Adamson University. When the academic exchange agreement is signed, we hope that the participating students will come to Japan and study at our university.”

Arch. Rosheilla Malit presenting teaching sustainability for Taiwan architecture schools

Then, five faculty members from both universities presented their research. From AU, Architect Edgardo Castro, Special Lecturer, introduced how the Spanish brick “ladrillo” was introduced to the Philippines and the evolution of architectural design using “ladrillo.” And, Architect Rosheilla Malit, Instructor, presented a comparative study on architectural education for sustainability in Taiwan and Philippines.

From UF, Senior Assistant Professor YAMADA Takeharu introduced traditional Japanese architecture, using Okamoto Otaki Shrine in Fukui Prefecture as examples. Senior Assistant Professor NISHIMOTO Masato presented the architecture of Hoshi-no-mori Elementary School in Toyama Prefecture, which he jointly designed to reflect the requests of the neighborhood residents and students, and its wood-conscious education curriculum. Finally, Assistant Professor Minjung Bae explained a medical-type residential facility she designed for children with disabilities and reported of a survey on how the facility is being utilized.

Snr. Assis. Prof. Nishimoto presenting wood-conscious education

One of the participating students said, “It was a valuable experience for me to be able to listen to the research of an overseas university in English.” It was a good opportunity for participating students to experience a part of international collaboration.

With this research exchange webinar as a starting point, UF will continue to actively promote international exchange in the era of coexistence with COVID-19. If you would like to cooperate, please contact the UF International Affairs Division.


Arch. Sylvester Shaun D. Seño (right) and Dr. Fredinel Banaag (left) making closing remarks

20220317_Closing Joint Webinar with Adamson University

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