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Dr. Ana Polak Petrič, Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia, visited UF

On June 3, Dr. Ana Pollak Petrič, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Slovenia to Japan, visited the University of Fukui. The purpose of her visit was to exchange information and ideas in order to promote academic exchanges between the Republic of Slovenia and Japan.

President UEDA Takanori gave his opening remarks, “Let’s exchange opinions as enthusiastically as the Olympics games,” in reference to the fact that Fukui City was the host town for the Slovenian national teams for Tokyo 2020. Vice President AKASHI Yukio reported the status of exchange with the University of Ljubljana, the country’s top university and Ambassador Petrič’s alma mater. Professor TAKAHASHI Yasutake of the Department of Human and Artificial Intelligent Systems, Faculty of Engineering, introduced the university’s research in the fields of AI and robotics, noting that research in these areas is thriving in Slovenia.

Ambassador Petrič commented, “The fields of AI and robotics are key to the future of the Republic of Slovenia, and there is great potential for inter-university cooperation in these fields. I am pleased to be able to promote further cooperation in this field.”

University of Fukui plans to help promote exchange between Fukui City and the Republic of Slovenia by promoting academic exchanges with universities in terms of research and education, with an emphasis on industry-academia-government collaboration.



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