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Delegation from Sam Ratulangi University Visited UF

On June 7, a delegation from Sam Ratulangi University in Indonesia visited the University of Fukui and made a courtesy visit to the President UEDA Takanori. Prof. Octobian B.A. Sompi is an alumnus of the University of Fukui and has been the President of Sam Ratulangi University since 2022, and it is with this background that he visited UF this time.

 During the meeting, President UEDA first made a welcome speech to the Sam Ratulangi University team. Then President Octovian B.A. Sompie shared fond memories of his time at UF and introduced an overview of Sam Ratulangi University. At the end of the meeting, the presidents of both universities exchanged mementos from their universities.

 After the courtesy visit, the delegation had a meeting with Prof. AKASHI Yukio, Dean of the School of Engineering. The both universities introduced their respective promotional videos and exchanged opinions on the possibility of future collaboration. With a view to concluding an MoU in the future, we plan to first build a relationship through collaboration on seminars and other activities in the field of engineering.

│ June 22nd, 2023 │