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Dr. Igor Papič, Minister of the Republic of Slovenia, visited UF on Sept 29, 2023

On Sept 29, Dr. Igor Papič, Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation of the Republic of Slovenia, and Mr. Jurij Rifelj, Ambassador-designate of the Republic of Slovenia to Japan, paid a courtesy visit to University of Fukui. They met with President UEDA Takanori, Prof. NAGAI Niro (Vice President for International Affairs), Prof. AKASHI Yukio (Dean of the Graduate School of Engineering). The purpose of the visit this time was to exchange ideas in order to establish academic exchanges between University of Ljubljana in Slovenia and University of Fukui.

President UEDA Takanori greeted them by saying, “We are pleased to have you all here. University of Fukui is now putting our efforts on Data Science throughout the university. We are expecting much from the academic exchanges with University of Ljubljana which has common research areas with University of Fukui. We look forward to your continuous support.“ In respond to this, Minister Papič mentioned, “I’ve heard that the two universities are in good relation, by having exchanges of faculty members and students in the field of robotics. In order to establish further continuous exchanges, we’d like to take concrete actions.” And lively exchanges of ideas took place after some updates on both universities.

With the support of Minister Papič and Ambassador Rifelj, the university of Fukui will promote further exchange and collaboration activities with the Republic of Slovenia.


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