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Outline of University of Fukui Student Exchange Program (inbound)

The University of Fukui has academic exchange agreements with many institutions all over the world. (Academic exchange agreements)
University of Fukui Student Exchange Program (inbound) invites exchange students from those institutions to the University of Fukui. Exchange students stay at the University for 6 months or 1 year, and study not only Japanese language and culture, but also various academic fields.
The University of Fukui Student Exchange Program offers the following 2 programs:

Program A

Program A is to offer courses in English. In the program, undergraduate students take courses in Japanese language, Japanese affairs, and specialized courses in English; whereas graduate students receive research instructions in English. Those who meet the language requirement of both Program A and B may apply for Program A so that they can take courses both in English and Japanese.
To apply for Program A, applicants must have TOEFL PBT or ITP 500 / TOEFL iBT 61, or its equivalent.

Program A offers undergraduate students with around 60 courses in English in the following 6 areas:

  • Culture and Society
  • Mechanical and System Engineering
  • Electronical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
  • Architecture and Civil Engineering
  • Materials Science and Biotechnology
  • Applied Physics

Undergraduate students may also take a Special Research course (8 credits) to conduct research and write their thesis. Please read the Program A Course Catalog for more information.

Program A 2023-2024 Course Catalog

Program A 2024-2025 Course Catalog

Japanese Language Classes

Program B

Program B is for exchange students who have high Japanese language proficiency to take regular courses in Japanese and study with University of Fukui students. Undergraduate students take common education courses as well as specialized courses offered by the School of Education, School of Engineering, and/or School of Global and Community Studies. Graduate students take specialized courses offered by the Graduate School of Education and/or Graduate School of Engineering. Graduate students can also enroll in the university as Research Students and conduct research without taking courses.
To apply for Program B,  applicants must have a Japanese proficiency which is equal to or higher than a N2 level on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.


Please check the link below for syllabus for common education and specialized courses.

-How to apply for University of Fukui Short-term Student Exchange Support Program (inbound)-

Application periods for the above programs are  September and October for April admission and March and April for October admission (application periods are subject to change). All application procedures are conducted through the international office of applicants’ home institutions. Students cannot apply for the programs individually. Please contact the international office of your home institution to apply.

Application Guidelines and Forms