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Application Guidelines and Forms

University of Fukui Student Exchange Program 2024 April Admission

For Students Guidebook for UF Student Exchange Program 2024 April (ENG)

Program A Course Catalog 2023-2024

For Administrators Instructions for Administrator (ENG)

Nomination Sheet for 2024 April (ENG)

Submission Deadline for Nomination Sheet: September 15 (Fri), 2023


Application Documents 1. Form 2: Letter of Recommendation

2. Form 3: Certificate of Health

3. Form 4: Certificate of Enrollment

4. Certificate of Eligibility
→Submit the data in MS Excel format.

5. Bank statement of applicant’s financial supporter
→It is required that the balance be higher than the amount equivalent to 600,000JPY for 6-month
and 1,100,000JPY for 12-month students.

6. Academic transcript
→Submit a transcript with semesters, course names, credits, and grades.

7. Evidence of language proficiency<Program A>
Certificate of TOEFL PBT or ITP score 500, TOEFL iBT 61, TOEIC 600 or its equivalent

<Program B>
Certificate of Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2 or its equivalent

8. ID photo data (4cm×3cm)

9. Copy of passport

Online Application Period September 21 (Thu), 2023 ~ October 20 (Fri), 2023

Download the Application Forms HERE

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