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Career Support for International Students

Latest Information of Career Support for International Students (exclusive to UF members)
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Career Support for International Students

(1) Career Counselling

One of the main university principles is “to develop human resources capable of contributing to local, national and international communities.” Thus the University of Fukui strives to promote internationalization of local societies and its economy in addition to the university itself, as well as to support international students who wish to get a job and gain practical experiences in Japan International Center, International Affairs Division, and Office for Career Support all work as a team to support international students’ job hunting activities while utilizing local networks of Fukui Chamber of Commerce and Industry, JETRO Fukui, Fukui Prefectural Government, Fukui Labor Bureau, Immigration Office, etc.


For those international students seeking jobs in home countries, we can also support them in cooperation with our overseas alumni society branches.


(2) Job Hunting Seminars and Individual Counselling

Around December, University of Fukui organizes Job Hunting Seminars for international students under the support from Fukui Global Fund. During the seminar, students learn how to do self-analysis, company research, how to write application documents, and practice group discussion and job interviews. Also, seminar lecturers will give students individual counselling after the series of seminars.


(3) Company Information Sessions and Company Visits

There are a number of opportunities for international students to participate in company information sessions and company visits throughout the year. Such information is given via email.


List of International Students Job Placement in Japan (available only in Japanese)