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International Student Support System

At the University of Fukui, academic supervisors, International Center, International Affiairs Division, and students work together to support international students, so that you can lead a safe and comfortable campus life. There are also various consultation counters and facilities on campus. If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to consult with us at any time.


Academic Supervisors

Students enrolled at the University of Fukui will each have an academic supervisor. You can consult with your academic supervisor when you have any problems or issues in your campus life, course registration, or research. If you do not know who your academic supervisor is, please check at the Educational Division (Kyomuka).


International Center

The International Center provides consultation for international students regarding their daily lives, studies, higher education, employment, etc., as well as support for exchange activities on campus and with the local community.


International Affairs Division

The staffs at the International Affairs Division support the international students with administrative matters from the time you arrive in Japan up to the time you leave Fukui.


Health Administration Center

The Health Administration Center provides first aid for illnesses and injuries, and counseling for mental and physical health. They also provide counseling for international students in both Japanese and English, and you can make an appointment.


Student Support and Counseling Office

You can consult with them anything you are having troubles with such as your campus life or relationship matters.