Study @ UF


1.Changing the Status on your residence card

1)For applying to change “Student” status at the immigration office, UF also provide some documents, so please contact IAD before applying.

    Required Documents

    • Application for Change of Status of Residence (Prepared by applicant p.1-3)
    • Application for Change of Status of Residence for organization (Prepared by IAD p.1-2)
    • JPEG Photo data (4cm x 3cm)
    • Certificate of Enrollment
    • Transcript (Research students need “研究内容証明書” prepared by your supervisor. )
    • Passport
    • Residence card
    • ¥4,000 Revenue Stamp

    ★After obtaining the permission, please inform IAD.

    2)To continue job hunting in Japan after graduation, you must change your status of your residence to “特定活動(Designated Activities)” from “留学(Student).” The period of stay under this status is 6 months and can be extended an additional 6 months.

    You can also apply for working permit at the same time.

    Required Documents

    • Application for Change of Status of Residence
    • Certificate of graduation
    • Documents showing that you are doing job hunting such as letters for interview, e-mail, etc.
    • Documents for financial support during the job hunting (copy of your bankbook)
    • Passport
    • Residence card
    • Recommendation letter from UF (Prepared by IAD)

    *To obtain a recommendation letter you need following document.

    • 継続就職活動にかかる推薦状発行願

    While you are doing job hunting, you have to submit a report IAD every month.


    2.Temporary Leave and Re-entry

    When you leave Japan temporary with valid passport and residence card, you are allowed to re-entry to Japan within 1 year (or by the expiration date of the residence card) to continue the same activity, “Special re-entry permit” is applied.

    At the departure, show your residence card, and mark “I am leaving Japan temporarily and will return.” on embarkation card for reentrant (ED card).

    Note that when you leave Japan for going back to country during vacation, trip, or attending academic conference, submit IAD “Temporary Leave and Re-entry Notification.”


    3.To Invite Family Members to Japan

    To invite family members to Japan, you need to obtain status of residence “Family stay” only for spouse and children. You have to apply it directly to the immigration office.

    For more detail please check below URL.


    4.Notification of the accepting organization, left the organization

    When you enter or transfer to the University of Fukui, or leave the UF (graduation, completed a course, withdraw, expulsion), you must submit a “Notification of the Accepting Organization” to the Immigration Bureau within 14 days.

    For more detail please check below URL.