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JENESYS 2018 Cultural Exchange Program with Timor-Leste & UF Students

On March 7th (Thu), 22 members of JENESYS(Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths) 2018, which is the Cultural Exchange Program hosted by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, visited the University of Fukui (Bunkyo Campus) and enjoyed cultural exchange activities with UF students.
The Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste is located on the eastern half of the island of Timor, one of the Lessor Sunda Islands, and 300 km away from the Darwin, Australia.
Opening ceremony started with the welcome speech from Vice President for International Affairs, Prof. Hideo Teraoka. “In Titun, Timor-Lorosae means Rising Sun and Timor-Leste is called the Place of Rising Sun of South Hemisphere. Japan used to be also called Land of the Rising Sun, and I feel an affinity with Timor-Leste. Please ask whatever you don’t understand during the activities and I hope we all can build a great friendship.”
UF students gave a presentation to introduce Fukui Prefecture and the University of Fukui, and Representative of Timor-Leste members introduced history, culture and tourism of Timor-Leste as well.
After the presentations, the members tried Kendama, a traditional Japanese skill toy, and Calligraphy to write their names in Katakana with the help from UF students. All the participants also sang “SUKIYAKI-Uewo Muite Aruko” together and deepened exchange between them. Afterward Timor-Leste members changed to their traditional attire, and performed their traditional “Celebration Dance”. UF students also joined the circle and enjoyed dancing together. In addition to the traditional dance, they sang Japanese song “Kokoro no Tomo” by Mayumi ITSUWA, which is well known in Timor-Leste.
At the end, they exchanged the gifts with each other, and Timor-Leste members hung their traditional scarves made by weavers of tais around the necks of the Prof. Teraoka and UF students. They all spent a great time together with full of smiles.

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