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Notification on AY2020 Entrance Ceremony

Mar. 5, 2020

To all new coming students in 2020,
and their family members,

UEDA Takanori
University of Fukui

Notification on AY2020 Entrance Ceremony

University of Fukui (UF) has decided to have a downsized “Entrance Ceremony for the Academic Year 2020” on Apr. 6, 2020, since cases of the Novel Coronavirus infectious disease are still being found in multiple regions in Japan.

I’d assume you, new coming students and your family members, have been so excited to join this memorable ceremony. However, considering the recent risky situations, we have reached to the decision of having the ceremony downsized, in order not to increase the chance of getting the virus by meeting many people in a closed area, after receiving medical specialists’ advices. We’d really appreciate your understanding.

In addition, please take very good care of yourselves now, by gargling and washing hands frequently and steadily, and by avoiding to be in crowded areas. And please check the latest information with the UF homepage, since the situations are changing day by day and every moment.


About the Entrance Ceremony

  1. Date & Time: Apr. 6, 2020 10:00am
    Venue: Academy Hall at University of Fukui (Bunkyo Campus)
    Participants: 10 representative students, and UF President, Members of the Board,
    Faculty Deans, etc.
    *Other students and family members are not allowed to enter the hall.
  1. In case a representative student would have some symptoms of common cold,
    such as high fever, please refrain from attending.
  1. The ceremony is supposed to be webcast on Youtube.
    URL will be informed by UF homepage some days later.
  1. Standing signboards of the ceremony will remain to be on campus for some more days.
    So, please utilize it for taking memorial photos.
    Location details will be informed some days later. (4 in Bunkyo, 1 in Matsuoka)
│ March 5th, 2020 │