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MoU Signing Ceremony held with NCE (Malawi)

On Feb. 17, 2020, a signing ceremony was held for Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between ‘Nalikule College of Education (NCE)’ and ‘University of Fukui (UF)’ on UF Bunkyo campus.

Republic of Malawi is located in the southeastern part of Africa.
NCE is located in the suburbs of its capital Lilongwe. And it is a newborn national university established in January 2017, with grant aid support by Japan. It is expected to serve a function of ‘knowledge hub’ in Malawi.

MATSUKI Kenichi, UF Vice President for Planning and Strategy, mentioned as greeting words, “We’re happy to reach to the conclusion of this MoU with NCE. We’d like to work together with NCE to realize education which would make children happier in Malawi, Africa, and all over the world”.

Mathius January, NCE Deputy Principal, mentioned “The conclusion of this MoU is a big milestone of NCE history. We will keep on making efforts to become a ‘knowledge hub’ for education, research, and innovation, and also, to contribute to our local area. During my stay in Japan this time, I’ve been inspired a lot by the classes for ‘thinking’ rather than for ‘knowing (knowledge)’. ”

Then, Prof. MITAMURA Akira of the United Graduate School of Professional Development of Teachers reported the sequence of events up to the conclusion of the MoU, and explained, “NCE has a plan to absorb the UF method of round table, etc. as the core pillars of the ‘Lesson study’ course to be set up, and to spread it in the Republic of Malawi, aiming to become the hub college of the area, in term of interaction between teachers and students, and link between affiliated schools and the college.”

At the signing ceremony, the Deputy Principal January and the Dean YANAGISAWA Syoichi have signed the MoU.

Lastly, the Deputy Principal January mentioned as an expectation to this MoU, “The knowledge and experience that we got through the interactions with UF will lead us — to change the education, to make teachers and children who could solve issues in new era, and to change the world, not only a single country.”

With this included, As of Feb 29, 2020, UF has 161 partner institutions in 39 countries.

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