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AY2019 Commencement Ceremony held

On Mar. 23, the 1st commencement ceremony of the Reiwa era was held at the University of Fukui. This year, as preventive actions for COVID-19, the ceremony was scaled down and held at Academy Hall on campus, by awarding diplomas to the representatives of each school and graduate school from the President UEDA Takanori.

In the ceremony speech the President Ueda mentioned, “Having both humility and pride in your mind, go out into the world with your own pace. As a graduate from a center of learning, have eagerness to continue learning throughout your lifetime. And, for international students, I’m wishing your friendship feelings toward us would continue forever, even after returning your home countries.” President Ueda also encouraged the graduates by saying, “Stepping out to the world, with a little more confidence and pride in your mind.”

On behalf of all graduates, TODO Tomoe expressed her gratitude, saying “Thank you very much for having this commencement ceremony for us in this way, while there was a fear of not being able to hold this ceremony due to the recent COVID-19 situation.” And she closed her words of appreciation by saying, “From the bottom of my heart, I am very grateful, as one of the very first students of the School of Global and Community Studies, for having given us opportunities to meet many people and cultures. Just one thing I would regret now is that I could not share this ceremony with all our members. We swear to contribute to the world from now on, in each of our own way,”

On campus, graduates were seen with smile, taking pictures with their friends and with the standing signboard of the commencement ceremony.DSC_3146

884 undergraduates and 382 post-graduates, total 1,266 students have been awarded diplomas in the 1st commencement ceremony of the Reiwa era.

You can see the video of the ceremony with the link below.
If you could not attend the ceremony or missed live broadcast, please take a look.

YouTube “AY2019 Commencement Ceremony”

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