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Notification – Cancellation of AY2020 Entrance Ceremony

Apr. 2, 2020

To all AY2020 new students
and their family members,

UEDA Takanori
University of Fukui

Cancellation of AY2020 Entrance Ceremony


The University of Fukui (UF) originally planned to hold the downsized AY2020 Entrance Ceremony. However, since COVID-19 has been rapidly spreading in Fukui prefecture for the past several days, this time, a decision has made to cancel the ceremony.

We know all of you, new students, and your family members have been looking forward to attending this ceremony.

However, we believe nothing is more important than health of you and your family members, and have reached to the decision of cancellation, having considered the recent situations and having listened to medical specialists’ opinions. We appreciate your understanding.

On your part, please pay attention to your health control by gargling and washing your hands frequently, and also, by avoiding crowd of people. The situation is changing every day and every minute, so please confirm the latest information on the orientation and change of starting dates of classes by UF homepage.

│ April 2nd, 2020 │