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Delegation from Ghent University Visited UF

On December 7, a delegation from Ghent University in Belgium visited the University of Fukui. Mr. Frederik De Decker, Head of the International Relations Office and Prof. Lieva Van Langenhove, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture made a courtesy visit to the President UEDA together with the Trustee SUYE, Vice President AKASHI, and Dean of the Graduate School of Engineering FUKUI, and discussed the possible collaboration, especially in the field of textile engineering, between the two universities. After the courtesy visit, they had a meeting with Prof. TANOUE, Director of the Research Center for Fibers and Materials, and introduced the university and its unique programs to each other. Following the Q&A and discussions in the meeting, the delegation was invited for a laboratory tour to better understand the research activities and facilities of the University of Fukui.

It was a good opportunity for both sides to deepen our understanding of each other’s organization and its programs. Using this visit as a stepping stone, University of Fukui will explore the possibility of future collaboration with Ghent University in the field of advanced textile engineering, with the aim of making this a mutually beneficial exchange.


│ December 23rd, 2022 │