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Get-Together Party held on Feb. 11, first time in 3 years!

On February 11 2023, the International Center held the “Get Together Party” at Bunkyo campus for the first time in 3 years. This event purposes to invite people from on-campus and off-campus to whom international students have been indebted to express their gratitude and deepen exchanges.
About 100 people including about 50 international students attended.

First, President UEDA Takanori states “Face-to-face intercultural exchange is important even online international exchange has developed. I deeply appreciate to all the people who are supporting our international students and wish you a successful event.”
Next, XU YUEFENG, a member of International Student Association from China, says “I’m very happy to participate this event since there are few opportunities to gather other international students due to COVID-19. Thanks to the warm support of local communities, teachers and staffs, we, international students, are able to pursue our studies. I greatly appreciate that.”

In the group talk titled “My Another Sky in Fukui,” international students freely discussed with participants what they enjoyed and what they found difficult about their time in Fukui. The depth of snow in Fukui was a common topic.
Four international students gave speeches about what they had learned at the University and expressed their plans in the future.
Vice President AKASHI Yukio concludes “I am very pleased that we were able to hold this get together party for the first time in 3 years. I’d like to ask the local community for their continued support for international students.”

University of Fukui will continue to support international students and promote international exchange.




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